Master of Industrial Design

V14AF A view to the future: Energy Psitive Buildings
AF AF Associate Modelling in Architctural Design
ULF26 Cartographies of Hydrology
AF40 Digital crafting
GK1+2AI1 GK1 Material Technology
GK2STUDIO3 GK2 Introduction to Design
GK4IDE4 GK4 Methods and Technologies in the Design Process
GK4IDE5 GK4 Production Technology
GK6IDE GK6 Design Project
GK6EXPHIL GK6 Examen Philosophicum
GK6EXPHIL GK6 Examen Philosophicum
70 600 Industrial Design 2: Protohype
70 601 Interaction Design 2: Screens
IDEF8 Interactive spaces and environments
ULF15 Norwegian Cities
70 602 Service Design 2
IDEF10 Storytelling in Film
FTHF13 The role of the Architect; Architecture becomes Profession
70 603 V14IDES Systemorientented Design
AF38 Architecture and Place: the influence of the local on architectural design, structure, and construction
IDEF11 Designing change
GK1STUDIO3 GK1 Introduction to Design
GK1FTH GK1FTH Erstatningskurs ex.phil
GK3IDE1 GK3 Design for diversity
GK3FTHI1 GK3 Introduction to Design Theory part 1
GK3IDE2 GK3 Mechanics
GK5IDE GK5 Identity in Product and Interaction Design
IDEF7 IDEF7 Design Management
H13IDES4 Industrial Design 1: Technoform
H13IDES5 Interaction Design 1:Tangible Interactions.
ULF Landscape Architecture's Themes and Concepts
FTHF3 Norwegian Architecture - an introduction
FTHF Postmodern Architecture
H13IDES6 Service Design 1
H13IDES7 System oriented Design
ULFT1 ULFT1 Introduction to theory and mapping
ULF Urban Challenges in the South: Slums, Sprawl and Design Interventions