60 512 Fredrikstad, The Fortification and The City


The course is mandatory for the first year students in master landscape Architecture and open for other students with bachelor degree.

Course content

The course seeks to understand the fortress, and how this has changed over time and how understanding its distinctive form can help to shape the city's future. The fortification, terrain and vegetation, combining with the seaside is a significant basis of the fortress.

The place is today a culture fortress and the task is to amplify and accentuate this place to be one of the intact fortresses in Europe. Through studies of similar historic places in Denmark such as Kronborg, Kastellet and Frederecia, the course examines the underlying geometries for these military installations.

Learning outcomes

The goal is to draw up a plan for how parts of the now-demolished outer fortress can be reinterpreted and incorporated into the city's growth with reference to historical background. The goal is to strengthen the city's sense of being a modern cultural city with historical identity and great recreational values in the city center.
The course work in all scales.

Working and learning activities

The course requires individual work efforts, with the basis of lectures, project reviews, external speakers, field trips and surveys. Group work in models and joint projects.

Requirements for work:
The course requires mandatory daily attendance and work and teaching is in the studio, excursions is mandatory to pass the exam. The school's lecture series has to be followed, and like croquis drawing, these are mandatory.

Professor in charge

Jeppe Aagaard Andersen, Samin Salehi, Maria Christina Petralla