60 403 Cartographie Culturelle


There are no prerequisites beyond admission to study program.

Course content

The course is a collaboration with the Institute Francais and will result in a contribution to the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2015, After Belonging, on topics related to migration and belonging. The course will be based on the workshop Cartographie Culturelle which was held in autumn 2015 at AHO and will look for potential in the intersection of empty houses in the city and migrant cultural institutions. Students will make their own research and produce content in the form of text, drawings and other media that will ve completed as a contribution to the Oslo Architecture 2016. An important issue in the course is the potential of empty / unused spaces and how it can be utilized, with an in interest typology, location and other quality criteria. There are several initiatives working with similar problematics - in Oslo and internationally - and the students will gain insight into these initiatives and how they work. At the same time Oslo is in a situation where many cultural institutions move, a situation whose significance is little discussed and debated beyond the major new establishments in the harbour areas.

The course will in addition to regular teachers have lectures and workshops with teachers from LAN Architects (Paris), Institute Francais (Oslo/Paris), L'Architecture d’aujourd'hui (Paris) and others with knowledge of the field.

Arild Eriksen and Joakim Skajaa are partners and architects in the architectural firm Eriksen Skajaa Architects. The office has been involved in a number of social issues related to the city and housing. They are also distributing the magazine Pollen and work as part time teachers at AHO and BAS in Bergen. Eriksen Skajaa Architects is invited to exhibit at the National Museum as part of the Oslo Architecture in 2016 with a contribution of refugee centers in Oslo.

Learning outcomes

Students will acquire an understanding of the potential of untapped property and the importance of cultural institutions and their migration to the city. Exercise in presentation in the form of text and drawing, and public presentation.

Working and learning activities

The course consists of lectures, literature studies and searching for relevant information. Individual tasks / group work will aim to identify spaces and describe the situation as well as create presentations that can be a contribution to the Triennial.

Professor in charge

Joakim Skajaa, Arild Eriksen, Marianne Skjulhaug