12 400 Pre-Diploma (A, FTH)


Successful completion of 270 credits (ECTS)

Course content

The pre-diploma semester at AHO is an independent research task on a theme chosen by the candidate. In consultation with a chosen advisor, the candidate is to produce a report that details a topic to be studied, an approach or methodology, a spatial program and a plan of work. This report is the foundation of the diploma semester.

Learning outcomes

∙ An understanding of the complexity of a chosen architectural program
∙ An ability to frame artistic and scientific research
∙ An understanding of the given natural, social, cultural and technological conditions that govern architectural work
∙ An awareness of the topic’s historical, societal and theoretical ramifications
∙ An ability to communicate ideas and plan work
∙ An understanding of one’s own individual position with the discipline

Working and learning activities

The pre-diploma semester is an independent study, undertaken in consultation with a chosen advisor, whose result is a program for the following diploma semester.


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Semesteroppgave Individual Pass / Fail

Assessed by supervisor, approved by head of institute