60 305 Real Estate – a critical perspective


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Course content

The course will deal with real estate both in a historical and contemporary perspective. The last 30 years planning, urban development and the architect’s working conditions have changed radically. In particular, the professionalization of real estate has been an important premise for these changes. Increasingly larger urban projects are developed by major international actors and processes are becoming more and more complex. This is putting the architect’s role under pressure.

The course will be based on an ongoing research project that examines how urban development projects are planned, organized, financed and implemented. It will be based on concrete cases. Simultaneously, the course will address the critical literature to the impact of a real estate based urban development. The students shall write a paper with a critical analysis of a case study.

Learning outcomes

Students will acquire an understanding of real estate development significance for urban development processes and practice their ability to search relevant information and critical reflection.

Working and learning activities

The course consists of lectures, literature studies and search for relevant information about the various case studies. Individual tasks /alternative group work will aim to describe a urban development and the real estate developer's role in the project, at the same time the students should be able to set the project into a more comprehensive understanding of the city's contemporary development

Professor in charge

Dag Tvilde


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination

Reading lists / teaching materials

Will be available when course starts