40 509 Low-rise, high density housing


Passed foundation level courses or equal

Course content

The task is to develop a low-rice, high density settlement tuned to the
necessities of elderly people, but not limited to this group of users.
Historical and modern versions of courtyard houses or "atriumshus" will
be a point of departure. We will develop single housing units and
assemble variations upon these into a community of about 15 units.

A combination of private and collective functions shall be investigated,
as well as the threshold between them. The wall will
be a core discourse during the semester. There will be a focus upon the
architectural possibilities of the wall, not only in terms of space
dividing abilities but also in terms of containing space itself. We will
study the topic technically, culturally and historically. The insistence
on the complex architectural performances of the wall is a reaction to
the current tendency of seeing it foremost as an instrument for energy
efficiency or as a simple private-public boundary.

Learning outcomes

Learning goals:

Learning to solve and present a complex housing program, based on the
needs of a growing user group. Practicing to meet the task in an
experimental, yet realistic way in terms of functional and technical

Working and learning activities

Project development in physical model and drawing. Presentation with diagrams, perspective, plans, section and facades. Hand-ins with model/drawing, text and oral presentations in plenum. Perspective-workshop. Shared presentation model and catalogue for the studio.

Professor in charge

Sissel Gromholt

Mandatory work requirements

Work requirements Number Number of approved Mandatory presence Comment
Oral examination
Counselling meeting


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Prosjektoppgave Individual Pass / Fail