80 305 Architectural treatises


Approved basic courses (grunnundervisning)

Course content

Architecture, in contrast to mere building, became the skilled profession we know today thanks to the architectural treatise. The course "Architectural Treatises" will examine how treasises from antiquity to the Enlightenment established architecture as something that can be conceptualized, theorized, and criticized, and also ordered, stored, moved, manipulated.

The course will move chronologically through a history of treatises that includes the ones of Vitruvius, Alberti, Serlio, Palladio, Fontana and Pozzo. More specific topics addressed are the influence of print on building; methods of architectural drawing; copyrights; technologies developed to erect and transort structures, and the general reception of antiquity.

Learning outcomes

By the completion of the course it is expected that the student may place the various architectural treatises in their historical context and that he/she is able to criticially discern the debates and themes the treatises address. It is also expected that the student is able to reformulate and illustrate some of these themes, adapted to today’s reality.

Working and learning activities

The course is organized in weekly seminars consisting of lectures, discussions, and coursework. For the final assignment we expect the students to create a part of a treatise in the style and tradition of Renaissance scholars, but applied to contemporary practice and theory.

Professor in charge

Victor Plathe Tschudi

BS, 2015-04-07