70 162 GK6 Design-driven field research

Course content

Field studies for design processes with special attention to advanced workplaces. The course builds on model for design-driven field research and results from the UBC and ONSITE research projects. The course will prepare students on how to efficiently and responsibly support design processes by gathering data and communicate with users in the field. Focus will be on planning field studies, choice of methods, use of methods in practice, data analysis and sharing of findings. The course will also explore the role of field studies in creative processes.

Learning outcomes

The student will understand a set of field study methods from design practices, human factors( ergonomics and ethnography.

Students will be able to plan, carry out and report insights from field studies. They will also be able to organise data and communicate data through reports, workshops and oral presentation.

After ended course the student will:
1. Understand the meaning and ethical dimensions of field studies in design.
2. Plan efficient field studies.
3. Understand the most important methods to carry out filed studies.
4. Organise data from field studies.
5. Analyse data
6. Write field study reports
7. Share insights from field studies.

Working and learning activities

The course include practical assignments and theory. The practical component will be carried out together with companies.
Part 1. Introduction field studies. Introduction to theory and practical experiences related to field studies.
Part 2. field studies in practice. Planning and carrying out of filed studies in own project.
Part 3. Field studies in design. Analysis, documentation and reflection on field data for design.
Exam and evaluation:
We will evaluate the students ability to plan, carry out and report field studies efficiently and ethically responsible. The student should explain what methods are chosen in the field studies and why.
This will be evaluated:
-The students presence in courses.
- Field study plan and reflections on it.
-Field study report and reflections on it.