70 501 Industrial Design 1: Technoform


Passed foundation level courses, or equivalent.
Able to use CAD tools

Course content

The course deals with the interaction between new technology and advanced form generation Through two extensive iterations, first an incremental (evolution) solution, then a radical (revolution) solution within the same area. The end result of the course will be physical products.

Learning outcomes

Being able to perform a design process for physical products within to paradigms; as an iteration and through recontextualisation. The first part would typically be an evolutionary process and the second with radical innovations.

The course will work and research through new manufacturing trends, that could be the foundation for advanced form-generation. The student should be able to use new methods like Peer Creative development, backcasting and possibility driven design. Skills in sketching, mock up building and CAD are extensively trained during the course

Working and learning activities

Workshops, lectures, individual and in groups. Peer feedback is a core method in the course

Professor in charge

Steinar Killi


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Prosjektoppgave Pass / Fail

There will be milestones with submission of material. Both are compulsory for passing the course. Also, there is an 80% attending required on the workshops. Two physical products (one from each iteration) have to be delivered. A report, in any of the following formats; written, video or blog are also mandatory
One external sensors will judge the work submitted.