40 614 SPACES II


Passed 7th semester

Course content

There is a lot said and written about architecture, and there is a lot of building. However, we rarely see new buildings that inspire or `touch` us, and we know of very few buildings that we would really like to be in. Perhaps then, we should spend more time thinking about what is truly important to us, what we like and what we want.
The aim of the semester is to design and describe great SPACES, using the tools of renderings, text and drawings. The final representation of our speculations will have the potential to create a possible reality of the essence of a building.
Each student will propose a realistic site and design a concrete project on it, dealing with all the practical questions a practicing architect encounters in today`s society. The projects will be constructively developed in detail, including a rough cost estimation.

Learning outcomes

- independent and prejudiceless thinking and working
- awareness of positions in architecture
- awareness of own work and position
- critical discussion of architecture and space in particular
- plausibel and causal conversion of an idea into a constructed and detailed project
- representation of a project with renderings, drawings and models
- precise verbal and written description of architecture and space

Working and learning activities

- independent individual work
- regular group presentations and discussions
- regular private discussions
- study trip (2 weeks)

Professor in charge

Raphael Zuber


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
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