80 120 GK2 Architecture and Design history 1

Recommended prerequisite knowledge

Mandatory for all second semester students.

Course content

The course gives an introduction to architectural history, design history and art history from prehistoric time until approximately 1850.

Learning outcomes

The course gives the students knowledge of key works, tendencies and periods in architecture, design and art history. The students will become able to recognize works and products from different historical periods and to analyse works of architecture and design with respect to use, construction, material, and historical context.

Working and learning activities

Lectures, student presentations and reviews.

Professor in charge

Professor Victor Plahte Tschudi

Mandatory work requirements

Work requirements Number Number of approved Mandatory presence Comment


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Skriftlig eksamen A-F

Reading lists / teaching materials


Richard Ingersoll og Spiro Kostof, World Architecture: A Cross-Cultural History, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012 (utdrag)


David Raizman, History of modern design. London: Laurence King 2010.


I tillegg vil det bli lagt ut relevante enkelttekster på Moodle




Adrian Forty, Objects of desire: Design and Society since 1750, London: Thames and Hudson 1992


Fredrik Wildhagen og Leena Mannila, Formgitt i Norge. Oslo: Unipub 2012