80 110 GK1 Introduction to Architecture


Det kreves ingen forkunnskaper utover opptakskrav i studieprogrammet.

Recommended prerequisite knowledge

Mandatory for all 1st year students of architecture
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Course content

Course starts August 13th and ends December 20th.
GK1 is an introductory course to the professional studies of architecture at AHO. The course is organized around design projects and constitutes the larger part of the first semester.
The students are divided in two studios, however the teaching is the same for both studios. Students will work individually and in groups. There are three half time teachers in each studio as well as teachers responsible for teaching free hand drawing and computer aided design.
In addition to the design work there will be courses in:
The use of AHO's work shops
Analytical free hand drawing
Digital design and representation

Learning outcomes

The course establishes a platform for further studies at AHO.
After the end of the course the student should have :
An understanding of working methods and different approaches towards thinking and communicating within the discipline.
Knowledge of two- and three dimensional visualization in connection to concept development and project presentation.
Experience in written and oral communication of subjects related to the discipline.
Knowledge of the school workshops.
Experience with analytical free hand drawing.
Basic knowledge of the use of computer aided design.

Working and learning activities

Teaching will be mainly in the form of weekly tutoring, pin-ups, lectures, seminars and work shops. The contact between teachers and students happens one on one, in groups or in the presence of the whole studio. Common reviews where the student must present his or her work to the studio for open discussion constitutes an important part of the training.
There will be an excursion abroad common to all students at the beginning of the semester.The course uses Moodle as it's digital learning platform for communication concerning schedule and program.

Professor in charge

Associate Professor Christine Peter sen, Assistant Professor Anna Røtnes


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Prosessvurdering underveis Pass / Fail

Tilstedeværelse og studieaktivitet vil være del av vurderingsgrunnlaget

Semesteroppgave Pass / Fail
Vurderingsmappe Pass / Fail

Portfolio for hele året vurderes i vårsemesteret