40 120 GK2 Material Technology


Mandatory course for all students in first year.

Course content

The course “Material Technology” introduces different material properties to the students, such as strength, elasticity, hardness, density, durability, ability to insulate against heat, ability to retain heat, ability to conduct electricity etc.

These material properties are further investigated in the presentation of a set of materials that are relevant for architects and designers :
- Mineral materials (concrete, glass , brick , others ceramics)
- Natural materials (wood, cardboard, various fabrics/membranes)
- Metals (steel, aluminum, copper etc.) ,
- Artificial materials (plastics and composites) .

The course also covers intelligent materials, sustainable materials and how to choose what material to use in the design process.

We also look at various production methods related to the various materials, as well as the ability one has to affect the aesthetic expression.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, students will have knowledge and understanding of different material properties and applications of these. Important material properties the students should have knowledge about is strength, stiffness, density, durability, etc. Students will also learn how to evaluate different materials from a sustainable perspective.

Students will also be able to assess and compare different materials for a specific use. They shall for instants be able to assess suitability in terms of mechanical, functional, production-related, sustainable and aesthetic properties.

Working and learning activities

Lectures, practical assignments and written assignments.

Students are expected to attend the practical exercises and deliver the theoretical exercises .

At the beginning of the semester all students are expeted to participate in a practical workshop in the 3D-lab.