40 403 Computational Design and Fabrication


Passed foundation level. Working Knowledge in Rhino
Requirements: Students must attend the ACDL elective course

Course content

The elective course will serve the Advanced Computational Design Studio and the Scarcity and Creativity Studio. Organized into two parallel intense one-week sessions the students can choose either the associative modelling session or the digital fabrication component.
Each strand component consists of three intense one-week sessions focused on learning and experimentation.
The associative modelling component introduces beginners in associative design and those that already know Grasshopper to a series of generative tools with the software. Beginners will be given a selected architectural design to model, while advanced Grasshopper users will examine the possibility of evolving different types of continuous fabric.
The digital fabrication component will introduce different digitally driven fabrication methods. Students will individually research one of these methods and either produce a paper or explore related methods and tools.

Learning outcomes

Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten;

Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten;

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Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten;

Professor in charge

Assistant Professor Søren S. Sørensen


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Annen vurderingsform, definer i kommentarfelt Pass / Fail

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