70 140 GK4 Production technology


Followed the first 3 semester at AHO or equivalent

Course content

Production technologies covers the main manufacturing technologies for massproduction; Injectionmolding, rotational molding, blow molding, extrusion, metalforming, casting. The course is a supplement to the course GK4 methods and tehnology in the design process, and gives the theoretical background for the techniques and also covers the methos not trained in the studiocourse.

Learning outcomes

By end of the cours tThe student shall kow and use the following manufacturing techniques of physical objects; Injection molding, metal casting, blowmolding, rotational molding, shaping of metals, additive manufacturing

Working and learning activities

Through Lectures, demonstartions and discussions.

Professor in charge

Steinar Killi


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Skriftlig eksamen 4 hours A-F