70 141 GK4 Methods and technology in the designprocess


Followed the previous 3 semester at AHO or equivalent

Recommended prerequisite knowledge

Basic CAD skills.

Course content

The course deals with product design with main manufacturing methods as context. Through three modules different products are developed meant to be manufactured with injection molding, blow molding , extrusion and Additive manufacturing. in two of the modules the students work in groups and in one it is individual work. The course has a focus on; aestethics, Ethic, Sustainability, tools and methods, technology and materials and developing skills

Learning outcomes

Aesthetical; Shaping of form for different materials and for different manufacturing techniques.
Ethics; Challenges of massproduction, off-shoring and the impact of new technology
Sustainability; LCA, production and consumption from a designer point of view
Tools and methods; The use of manufacturing methods, CAD, drawing and rapid prototyping
Technology and materials; Knowledge about the main manufacturing techniques: Injection molding, blowmolding, extrusion, and additive manufacturing.
Skills; drawing, working in the workshop and use of CAD is honde during the semester.

Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten;

Generell kompetanse
Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten;

Working and learning activities

The course is divided in three modules that deals with different production technology as context. In two of the modules the students works in group, in one it is individual. There is several midterm presentations and main presentation after every module. There is a visit to the west coast of Norway as a part of the course.

Professor in charge

Associate Professor Steinar Killi


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
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