70 302 Design Management


Passed 6 semesters Foundation Level

Course content

Design management gives the students an insight into the field of design management as a practical and theoretical field dealing with various issues that arise at the intersection between design and management. The course will give a short introduction to the history of design management and then mainly focus upon several dimensions of design management and design leadership. The Course gives the students insight into how they can use a designerly approach to solve new challenges, also in collaboration with other disciplines. The course places design in larger cultural and social setting. Communication around the field is focused upon.

The course gives insight into:

Operational design management 

Managing the design process and project (from design brief and project management, to coordinating interdisciplinary design teams to meet business goals). Here several methods and tools are taught.

Brand management 

Branding and brand management; the process of developing a new brand (a product or service), from analysis to concept development, to implementation. Management and maintenance of existing brands.

Strategic design management
Using design processes and design thinking for innovation. How can design help an organizations achieve their strategic goals and face future challenges?.

Learning outcomes

The students shall gain knowledge and an understanding of the relationship between design and management.
The students will have training in academic research and communicating this to a broader audience. They will also develope new ways of presenting / visualizing theoretical material.
The students will gain theoretical insight to the field of design management and how it relates to practical design cases.

The students will gain practical experience and skills through relevant tasks and cross disciplinary workshops.

General competence:
Verbal and visual communication around the field is important. The students will learn to reflect upon and discuss verbally and in writing issues related to design management.

Working and learning activities

A series of lectures in part from external lecturers from a broad range of backgrounds related to design management. The lectures will be followed by discussion seminars and workshops, as well as cross disciplinary collaboration.

A workshop and project with business and entrepreneurship students will give the design students insight into business and innovation culture, methods, processes and language.

The students will prepare a “Peer learning” presentation based on lectures / workshop,reading material and their own research.

Professor in charge

Rachel K.B. Troye

BS, 2015-04-07