80 302 Norwegian Tectonic Traditions in Wood.


Passed foundation level courses (Bachelor in Architecture)

Course content

The first part of the course consists of lectures and discussions on various wooden building techniques and construction types.
Parallel with this, the students build models of construction principles, and write a scientific essay about a relevant topic.
Course literature and discussions form an important basis for both the essay and the model studies.
The assignments must be submitted before the last week of the course, and they shall be presented and discussed in plenary.
The last week is very intensive and important on this course. Then we build a timber framed building in full scale

Learning outcomes

The course aims to enhance the students' understanding of Norwegian wooden buildings and building techniques, and enable them to:
- Identifying buildings in relation to a relevant cultural and technical context.
- Explain the building's construction and crafts.
- Apply their knowledge by participating in the construction of a timber framed building in full scale.
- Write a short essay with scientific references on a relevant technical topic.

Working and learning activities

Lectures and discussions
Building of a construction model.
Writing of a scientific essay.
Construction of a timber framed building in full scale.

Mandatory work requirements

Work requirements Number Number of approved Mandatory presence Comment
Attendance 15 12

Lectures, discussions and 5 days workshop

Project 1 1

Scientific essay

Workshops 1 1

Full scale building of timber frame

Project 1 1

Model studies


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Prosessvurdering underveis Individual Pass / Fail 33

participation on lectures and discussions

Prosjektoppgave Group 5 days Pass / Fail 33

Workshop - building in full scale

Semesteroppgave Individual Pass / Fail 33

Scientific essay and model studies

Reading lists / teaching materials


Schjeldrup, Helge og Nils Georg Brekke. Hus på vestkysten gjennom 4000 år. Bergen/Stavanger 1997 
ISBN 82-90052-53-7

Storsletten, Ola. En arv i tre : de norske stavkirkene. hovedfotograf Yasuo Sakuma. Oslo : Aschehoug, c1993.