60 402 Current theories in urbanism


Det kreves ingen forkunnskaper utover opptakskrav i studieprogrammet.

Course content

The course focuses on current theories in urbanism, with a special emphasis on how to see and understand the contemporary city in terms of urban design, urban living and new technologies. The overall emphasis of the course will be to read and discuss a selection of texts that present new theoretical perspectives on the current urban condition. Priority is given to cross-disciplinary approaches and to theoretical perspectives that seek to interrelate design issues and social issues.

Learning outcomes

Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten; The students shall acquire a general overview over current issues and theoretical positions within urbanism.

Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten; The students shall acquire insight into and ability to critical reflection (both orally and in writing) about current issues and theories in urbanism.

Generell kompetanse
Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten; The students will acquire competence that prepares them to write up a discursive paper about current issues in urbanism in various theoretical perspectives.

Working and learning activities

The course consists of a series of lectures, curriculum readings and seminar discussions related to current theories in urbanism. The students will work in groups of two and prepare digital presentations in relation to seminar discussions. At the end of the semester the students are expected to hand in a written assignment, a paper of 6-8 pages, which discusses at least two current theories that have been treated in the course.

Professor in charge

Associate Professor Jonny Aspen


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
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