60 301 Representing the city


Det kreves ingen forkunnskaper utover opptakskrav i studieprogrammet.

Course content

This course has urban representations as its thematic focus. We will look into various forms and ways of representing the city within architecture, planning and politics. We will furthermore explore a selection of theoretical frameworks for understanding urban representations. The course will explore questions such as: How is the contemporary city represented towards the outside world? What kind of urban features are highlighted? What kind of voices and perspectives on the city are represented?

Learning outcomes

Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten; The students will learn about urban representations and what their main characteristics are in terms of visual, verbal and rhetorical contents.

Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten; The students will be trained in reading, discussing and presenting theoretical texts. More specifically the students will learn to categorise various types of representations and how to see them within a broader contexts of urban development.

Generell kompetanse
Ved gjennomført studium skal studenten; The students will acquire competence that prepares them, based on their own material, for writing a final discursive paper about urban representations.

Working and learning activities

The course will consist of three parts: 1) a selection of lectures on urban representations, 2) reading of a selection on theoretical texts (students are to prepare presentations for seminar discussions), 3) background research related to the writing a final paper.

Professor in charge

Associate Professor Jonny Aspen

Mandatory work requirements

Work requirements Number Number of approved Mandatory presence Comment
Attendance Ja

Students are expected to read a selection of the curriculum for each weekly session.

Oral examination Ja

The students will also be given the task of preparing seminar presentations (1-2 times) based on the curriculum.

Other - specify in comments Ja

The students are expected to write up a final paper (6-8 pages) over an optional theme within the overall course topic.


Assessment Date Duration Grade scale Oral examination
Prosjektoppgave Individual Pass / Fail

The students shall write up a final paper which is to be handed towards the end of the semester. The students shall also prepare a short presentation for the final critique.